Recycling Plants

Zero Liquid systems eliminate liquid waste streams from the plant and produce good quality pure water for reuse. Certain factors make water a valuable resource and therefore it is considered a key manufacturing resource. Hence installing a ZLD system would maximize water recycles.
The ZLD system provides an economical solution to all industries which have to compete with local water availability, water costs, and wastewater discharge criteria.
The ZLD system combines a number of wastewater treatment technologies, including sanitary collection, biological water treatment, microfiltration membrane softening, RO water recycling and evaporation ponds. These systems recycle waste streams such as:
Boiler Blow Down
Cooling Tower Blow Down
RO Reject
DM Regeneration Waste
Softener Regeneration Waste
Filter Backwash
Plant Drains

Zero Liquid Discharge System is a fully integrated automated system incorporating a mechanical evaporator and solids de-watering system like a centrifuge. We can recover 95 to 99 percent of water wasted as purity distillate. High purity distillate produced in this system can be used for cooling tower or boiler makeup water.
Notably, the ZLD reduces water supply costs given that industries no longer purchase fresh water for manufacturing.
We are reliable, have and offer cost-effective systems that get you maximum benefits like,
Energy Efficiency
Ease Of Operation
Maximum Recycle