UF/MF/NF Plant

We provide the latest generation Hollow-Fiber ultrafiltration systems. These ultrafiltration membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01 – 0.10 µm and have a high efficiency in removing bacteria and most viruses, colloids, and silt.
The advent of Ultrafiltration (UF) as a pre-treatment for Colloidal Silica removal and tertiary treatment for Recycling plant has resulted in several advantages.
Typical benefits of a UF system include;
Consistently Low SDI In The UF Filtrate
Significantly Reduced RO Membrane Fouling And Cleaning Frequency
Extended RO Membrane Life
Reliable Production Of High-Quality Water Regardless Of Raw Water Turbidity
Higher RO Membrane Flux
Smaller Footprints Lower Land Acquisition Costs
Lower Consumption Of Operational And Cleaning Chemicals
Modular Design Enables Simple And Efficient Retrofits